05 Feb, 2020Two New Christmas Apps

Christmas school holidays can be tough if you work from home, but I was able to get a couple of little projects done that I have had rolling around in my head for quite a while. The first allows you to create low-poly 3D trees of various levels of abstraction, and the second lets you view simple polyhedra and apply sequential geometric operations to generate higher-order shapes and forms.

Polyhedra Generator

This web app lets you generate a range of polyhedra – based on Platonic, Archimedean, Prism and Johnson Solids – and then interactively apply a sequence of mathematical operations on them to create more complex higher-order polyhedra. These include all the standard Conway and Hart operators as well as some additional 'extended' operations of my own.

Software Details

Tree Generator

This web app lets you interactively generate both abstract and realistic procedural 3D trees for use with BIM and building performance analysis. Once generated, you can analyse dynamic shading effects as well as exporting them as geometry or generating the code required to create the same tree in a BIM model or with a script. It also serves as a visual test suite for stress testing my tree geometry generation code under lots of different conditions and configurations.

Software Details