Is this worth posting?

Whilst there has been some activity on my site with new web apps and the likes, over the past 20 months no actual blog posts have yet made it past draft stage. This is kind of weird as I do spend a fair bit of time writing stuff for it. Obviously every precious second I get at a computer is spent coding, but I do love lying in bed physically writing with a pen tablet and find that just the process of trying to explain a problem really helps me sort it out in my own head and goes a long way towards solving it.

Once solved though, they usually seem a bit trivial and very likely completely obvious to everyone but me. Also, as I usually piece together a solution by reading stuff on the web that others have written, it’s often hard to see what my contribution would actually achieve other than highlighting my own ignorance. Which begs the question why I even have a blog?

I figure that I am probably taking the wrong approach. Obviously writing large essays that try to explain or resolve complex issues is beyond me at the moment. However, I do think that I have been wrestling with some pretty interesting stuff that at least some people may find useful and, as I think I’m making good progress, I’d really like to put some of it out there.

Thus, I guess this post is a kind of pre-emptive justification and plea for understanding for the bunch of potentially half-baked and perfunctory posts that will invariably follow as I try out a less filtered approach.

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