Recent Blog Posts

Sky Distribution Equations  18 Dec, 2018

How the equations in ISO 15469:2004(E) and CIE S 011/E:2003 differ from the original Perez Sky equations.

Architects and the R-Codes  04 Dec, 2018

The actual codes are great, but their implemention can sometimes put architects in a tricky situation.

Recent Service Interruption  26 Nov, 2018

Information about some recent issues with our web hosting and why we were offline.

New Schedule Editor  09 Jun, 2018

Introducing a new interactive tool for creating and editing annual hourly schedule data.

Why Educational Tools  12 Nov, 2017

Justifying why I started with educational apps rather than more comprehensive analysis tools.

JSON Settings  08 Nov, 2017

Why JSON-based settings are used for my web application configurations.

Two New Web Experiments  01 Nov, 2017

Just posted two new web experiments for dynamic 3D text and model annotations.

Long Time, No Blog  30 Oct, 2017

No posts for 20 months means that I should probably take a different approach to blogging.

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Recent Software Releases

Psychrometric Chart  30 Oct, 2018

An interactive psychrometric chart with comfort and weather data overlays.

CIE Sky Generator  25 Sep, 2018

A tool for playing with Perez sky equations and generating cumulative sky distributions.

Schedule Editor  08 Jun, 2018

An interactive visual editor for annual operation schedules and daily profiles.

Data View 2D  06 Jun, 2018

An interactive 2D charting tool for analysing EnergyPlus weather and output data.

Weather Data  01 Jun, 2017

An interactive 3D chart for viewing and sectioning EnergyPlus weather data.

Dynamic Overshadowing  04 Dec, 2016

An interactive tool for calculating shading and sky occlusion data in site models.

Dynamic Daylight  28 Sep, 2016

An interactive room model for real-time spatial daylight analysis.

3D Sun-Path  12 Feb, 2015

Demonstrating the relationship between geographic location and solar position.

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