Recent Blog Posts

Moving From Drupal to Hugo  08 Feb, 2016

Moving from a dynamic Drupal-based blog to a static Hugo site.

Understanding WebGL  05 Jan, 2016

One of my fundamental issues with using WebGL.

BIM and NatHERS Headaches  21 Nov, 2015

My issues with mandatory energy calculation engines.

Web Experiments  30 Sep, 2015

Some experimental web apps written in HTML5, Javascript, SVG amd WebGL.

Earth/Sun Relationship Update  12 Jun, 2014

An updated version of the Earth/Sun applet written in Processing.

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Recent Rants

Laws in the Isle of Man  27 Jul, 2012

How refreshingly enlightened its local laws and regulations seem to be.

Please, No "Personalised" Search  22 Jun, 2012

When I do a search, I need to see what everyone else sees, not some custom personalised subset.

Science and Miracles  07 Apr, 2012

Isn't believing in cause-and-effect and then not compensating for the effects of miracles in your research a conflict.

Universities Starving the Web of Content  06 Mar, 2007

Where have all the student research projects gone that used to be available on the web?

How to Deal with a Huge Email Load?  02 Feb, 2007

I seem to get an unmanageable number of emails - how do other people deal with this?

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